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 Green - Reaver's SSB Character

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PostSubject: Green - Reaver's SSB Character   Tue Feb 27, 2007 12:44 am

((So I'm using an unconventional character, sue me!))

Game: Super Gunstar Heroes (for GBA)

"Yellow's brother and a member of Gunstar Super Heroes that, for reasons unknown, left and decided to join the Empire. It's said that he holds an ancient relic known as "Seven Force." Truth is Green has <removed to keep from spoiling anything.>" -Wikipedia

for clarification, "Seven Force" is a (somewhat) large attack robot that shapshifts into seven forms, (go figure,) and he excells at martial arts, throws, and his (slightly explosive) throwing stars. As far as weapons go, he has just those throwins stars, and none of the other traditional weapontry that Red and Blue have.
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Green - Reaver's SSB Character
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